Need to Know

Earl W. Ridgell, Jr., MA, MS, LCPC is required to provide information about HIPAA, confidentiality,
and any other pertinent information relevant for your therapeutic care. We hope that this might
help to enlighted you and give you a general idea of what your rights are. This page contains the most
frequently asked questions by our clients. Please feel free to contact us with specific questions.

Earl W. Ridgell, Jr., MA, MS, LCPC is proud to provide ON-LINE Tele-therapy to our clients.


What is involved in the screening process?

Screening will determine appropriateness for online therapy. Individual needs, safety issues, and severity of illness will be assessed to match you with a therapist/therapy setting.


What is an evaluation?

Evaluation will assess your presenting issues, past treatment history, family history, health issues, significant events/trauma in order to assess symptoms and diagnosis. Recommendations are given at this time. 


What to expect once you begin therapy the process?

The process begins with a phone screening. Then you will schedule an evaluation with a therapist. After evaluation, the frequency of sessions with be discussed. Recommendation will be based on need/request. 


Is it confidential? 

All of our softwares are HIPAA complaint and therapy itself is confidential. Confidentiality may be broken in the following circumstances: safety issues involving risk of suicide or homicide, child or adult abuse, legal issues (subpoena to court/records). Written permission is required in order for our therapists to discuss and/or release information. 


What will it cost me? 
There are different cost per session/packages. This is based on insurance, experience/training, length of session, individual vs family sessions. Our basic rates are between $90.00 to $125.00. Fees vary based on length of sessions.  


How do I pay? 
Our office manager will instruct you on how to proceed with payment. Payment should be made prior to session. 


How do I contact my therapist? 
Our office can be contacted through email or phone. To contact the therapist an appointment will need to be scheduled. 


How long are sessions and how many are needed? 
Sessions are typically 30 mins, 50 mins, or 60+ mins depending on the need of each client and the therapist's recommendations. 
The number of session will vary for each individual depending on progress, motivation, frequency/consistency with sessions. 


When does therapy terminate?
Your Therapist will make a recommendation for discharge when goals are met and maintained for a period of time. Clients can also request to discharge/discontinue at any time.