On-Line Tele-Therapy

Transcend Counseling Services offers HIPAA compliant On-Line therapy to all eligible clients/patients.

Tele-therapy is a part of most practices now and the technology is advancing, however not all practioners have a thorough understanding of the regulation and the requirements. Earl Ridgell believes that when someone is looking for professional help, they are going to seek the most convenience, highest quality, affordably priced service available. Tele-therapy may be the perfect solution.


Some of our clients have shared with us that therapy was one of the best decisions they have ever made, but they wished they would have decided to go earlier.  The top two reasons for not starting earlier were:


Stigma – Oftentimes our clients tell us that they were afraid to start therapy because they were afraid of what others might think. “What if someone I know see me walking into the therapist’s office?” Tele-therapy removes stigma, because our clients are in the comfort of their own home and in complete control of who knows. 

Time – According to AAA Foundation, the average American worker drives 17,600 minutes per year, which is about 48 minutes/daily.  With time being so valuable, people are trying to find ways to save it (e.g. shopping online).  Driving to a therapist’s office and then sitting in their waiting room flipping through magazines is time consuming.  Tele-therapy saves time, which in turn is less stressful. Additionally, if a shorter session is more appropriate, the convenience of being home may be more motivating.


Here are some other reasons why on-line therapy might be preferred by clients:


Clients will be more comfortable in their own home, rather than in an office.

Most times, when a client cancels, it is not because they don’t want therapy, it is the other factors (e.g. traffic, car problems, too cold, snow, rain, etc.)

Some clients do not have access to transportation or would have to take public transportation.  Therapy from the convenience of their home is advantageous.

Some clients may be suffering from social anxiety or simply prefer using electronic means of communication would benefit from tele-therapy.
Additionally, people who are homebound or disabled with limited transportation would also benefit from online therapy.


Nevertheless, tele-therapy is not necessarily a perfect fit for everyone. We screen our clients to discover if tele-therapy is an appropriate treatment method and make recommendations after a free 10-minute phone consultation with our office manager. Therapist is available for a consultation if the issues can not be resolved in the intital intake.