Earl Ridgell works to serve a diverse population via HIPAA compliant Tele-Therapy. Below are some of the services we provide and some of the people groups we provide those services.


Anxiety or Fears, ADHD, Depression, Behaviorial Issues, Parenting, Grief and/or Loss, Angry Management, Divorce, Relationship Issues, Peer Relationships, Insomnia, Trauma, PTSD, Domestic Violence, Career Issues, Gambling Addiction, Internet Addictions, Self-esteem, Sexual Addiction, Video Game Addiction, Adoption, Cronic pain or illness, Impulsivity, Emotional Disturbance, Spirituality


Children, Adolescents, Adults, Families. We provide Indivudal and Family Therapy.



- Anger -

Anger often comes along with irritability, having a short fuse, or being easily annoyed. When your frustration tolerance is running on empty or your stress levels remain high on a daily basis, our therapist can help you gain emotional stability. Our trained professionals can help you navigate through the murky waters of your emotional state. Anger becomes unhealthy when it results in flare ups, rage, aggression, or violence. It can also have many negative consequences in relationships, the work place, and with your health. Our therapists can help you gain insight and learn to coping skills which will stop patterns and problem behaviors.


- ADHD -

ADHD begins in childhood and continues throughout adulthood. Some individuals don’t receive treatment until adulthood places demands on them with college, raising a family, or in their career. Children who receive treatment learn the difference between their identity and symptoms, which helps improve their self esteem. When an individual receives treatment early, they gain insight into their behavior, learn coping skills, and can accomplish challenging goals which can improve their quality of life. Regardless if you are a child, in college raising a family or a professional, it is not too late to receive treatment.


- Depression -

Depression comes in many forms and presents in many ways. It is kind of like coffee. Some of us like a latte or espresso. Some of us prefer hazelnut with lots of sugar while others may like their coffee black. Nonetheless, it is all coffee. Depression has many symptoms and it can present differently with symptoms and in their intensity. Our therapists will complete an assessment and provide recommendations, resources, and the tools you need to lift your depression.


- Grief -

Grieving is a personal experience for everyone. After a loss, individuals will experience mixed emotions until they can adjust to the loss. However, sometimes grief can become disabling or prolonged. As licensed professionals, our therapists can help you through each stage of grief, in order to arrive at the final stage, transcendence. Adjustment to the change can be complex, therefore therapy may be needed and we would be honored to help you.


- Trauma -

How we understand trauma has been on a continum for several decades. Once consider a post war issue, trauma treatment now recognizes that many life events, even just witnessing them (e.g. car accident, television violence, etc.) can be traumatic for a client. Please note that the event, itself, is NOT what determines whether something is traumatic, but it is the individual’s experience connected to the event. Relatively the event is also not the tool to measure how a given person reacts to a traumatic event. There are several assessment tools we use to help determine the intensity of the trauma in order to best make a treatment plan with our clients.


- Stress -

Stress can interfere with one’s ability to enjoy life or may even be debilitating. There is stress at work, in relationships, raising children, death of someone close, divorce, marriage, large purchases and many others. We know that each and every indivudal handles stress in different ways and some of us chose coping mechanisms which are not healthy. Our therapists use evidence-based methods to help our clients learn healthy methods of reducing stress.