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Earl Ridgell offers both traditional therapy in our office, however we have expanded to offer services. How? Well, therapy has extended beyond the four walls of a clinic or a therapist's office. Earl Ridgell offers Tele-Therapy to clients in the state of Maryland. Tele-Therapy provides several benefits that in-office therapy doesn't. With Tele-Therapy you can see a certified counselor while remaining comfortable in your home. Additionally, the Tele-Therapy we offer is HIPAA compliant, confidential, comfortable, stigma-free and, in some cases, may be covered by your insurance.

Please feel free to contact us or to request additional information about our counseling sessions, Tele-therapy or any other information you need to make a decision. You have made the first and the hardest move, which is looking for help. Now, it is time to pick the professional who can help you, we hope that we can assist you and feel honored that you considered us a potential trusted source. If you want to learn more please check out our Need to Know page for frequently asked questions and our Online page for additional information about Tele-Therapy.

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Rev. Earl W. Ridgell, Jr., MA, MS, LCPC


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Sandy - 410-477-1269